BTree's Java Emulator
Version: 1.0
Developed by: Doct. Fabrizio Spataro - Doct. Michelangelo Todaro
Developed to: Prof. Domenico Cantone (Catania's University - ITALY)
DOWNLOAD: (JAR FILE) (English version coming soon...)
OTHER: ScreenShot

Instructions for the emulator's

java -jar btreeGUI_ITA.jar

Java emulator originated from the stage's plan carried out for University of Studies of Catania in 2005. It allows to emulate the following data's structures:

Permette di emulare le seguenti strutture dati:
  • 1) BTREE
  • 2) BTREE*
  • 3) BTREE+
  • 4) BTREE++

Subsequently the same data's structures have become the thesis' subject of both the developers.
Thesis' download from the following links:
Dai BTree ai Btree+, sviluppo ed analisi delle prestazioni Dai BTree ai Btree*, sviluppo ed analisi delle prestazioni

HACKER JOURNAL number 120 (22 Feb / 7 Mar 2007)
BY: Kurt Goedel
Title: HARD DISK's Tuning


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